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November 2, 2020
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Shireens Kitchen Melbourne, Australia

Shireens Kitchen in Melbourne is a growing Pakistani food kitchen specializing in Pakistani cuisine only. Shireen wanted a modern website with all the bells and the whistles of a 5 star restaurant type website.

Stripe payment gateway was integrated along with shipping charges by distance was a must requirement by Shireen. She wanted to feature her best sellers dishes on the home page along with Social Media profiles integration on the header and the footer. 

Her famous Pakistani breakfast Halwa Puri was featured in pop up which appears on site after 10 seconds. Another cool feature is how all her dishes are easily visible on header menu. Call to action buttons being used wisely.

Overall look and feel of the website has been totally revamped from her previous website which we also designed. Customer receives customized emails when order is placed, processed and completed. Google reviews being highlighted on homepage

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Pages SEO optimized
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